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Europe's Future in Global Capital Markets

Confirmed speakers include

  • Deirdre Somers. FESE President and Chief Executive of the Irish Stock Exchange
  • Pervenche Beres, MEP
  • Markus Ferber, MEP
  • Sylvie Goulard, MEP
  • Olivier Guersent, Director General, European Commission
  • Tilman Lueder, European Commission
  • Irmfried Schwimann, Deputy Director General, European Commission
  • Kay Swinburne, MEP
  • Benoît de JUVIGNY, AMF
  • Guillaume Prache, Better Finance

Topics under discussion during the course of the day include:

Financial Stability, Free Capital Flows and Level Playing Field – outdated promises in the new world?

Brexit, the new US administration and the European electoral cycle – living in turbulent political times we will see significant impact on regulation and the functioning of global financial markets. What role can and should Europe play in global capital markets? How can we ensure openness to capital flows, financial stability and a level playing field in a more fragmented environment? The Single Rule Book: much needed internal integration or an obstacle to international competitiveness for Europe?

Global Risk – a changing landscape in derivatives going national?

Derivatives are the tool to hedge risks in the economy – where does Europe stand in the global market? With Brexit and possible changes to Dodd Frank: Where will clearing take place? What is the writing on the wall for Europe's competitive position?

Fixed Income Transparency: new Regulation, new Models, Light at the End of the Tunnel?

The New Age of Fixed income markets – MiFiD II to change the regulatory constitution, FinTech allowing for new models of trading, public debt as a substitute for bank credit, buy side as a direct player. What models will emerge and what will succeed? Liquidity – green fields or desert plains?

Open Markets – Competitiveness of Europe in the Global Context

Squaring open capital markets, financial stability and level playing field: What principles are important? The Single Rule Book: much needed harmonisation or obstacle to competitiveness? Access provisions in the light of Brexit?

Equity Finance Revolution – When will the Paradigm shift?

Mid-term for the CMU project – Will Europe gain in competitiveness and close the Market capitalisation to GDP gap? What CMU projects promise success (PEPP, PD etc.)? Or in the long-term the demise of equity?